Salvation in a Narrative Context

In the beginning God created the cosmos intending that image-bearing humanity would be in peaceful relationship with God, creation, others, and self. These looking-after-creatures chose personal and systemic injustice, influenced directly by fallen powers. The Creator so loved the creation project that rather than to let evil have that last word, he implemented good news for the poor, the sick, and the victimized through the ministry of the kingdom as taught and demonstrated by Jesus the Messiah. In death, Jesus substituted his life in the place of fallen humanity to endure the full wrath of both personal and systemic evil, and in resurrection he disarmed the powers. Thus, every human is invited into salvation becoming part of the new creation by following the Victorious Christ within a discipleship community. The church’s calling is to join with God in mission to ‘gather up all things’ in anticipation of the full expression of justice: ‘a new heaven and a new earth.’

Kurt Willems – The Pangea Blog

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