On Jesus Healing My Post-Trump Soul

All night long I was angry. Frustrated. Bitter. The thought of four years with this man in the White House brings me a great amount of grief.

I voted for Hillary. Now, I know what you’re thinking: that liberal millennial punk – he doesn’t know what this country is founded on; he doesn’t care about our jobs; he doesn’t care about religious liberty; he’s too young to understand how much our country has gone down the drain.

What I found, though, after that anger, and frustration, and bitterness, was something unexpected. I found a mirror. I found Jesus holding my heart and coaxing me toward a better understanding of myself. I voted for Hillary because climate change is a real thing, and Donald Trump will do nothing but hurt our chances at stopping this from happening. I voted for Hillary because she was more interested than he is in helping immigrants fleeing from war. I voted for her because I think she had a better plan for the economy than he does.

All of those things entail a loss for other people in this country. Those are things that I didn’t think of – or if I did, I thought of them with little regard for the people they would affect. Those coal miners that would lose their jobs: Eh, who cares? The earth is more important than a few thousand American jobs. Those people who could be displaced because of Syrian refugees and fear for their safety: They are being childish and ignorant!


Maybe Jesus wants to take this opportunity to teach people like me a lesson. Yes, those things are important. Yes, a Trump presidency will have a profound negative impact on many Americans’ lives. We have work to do in this country. But right now, today – Jesus wants to save me. He wants to make my heart a little softer, and help me learn to love those people that don’t really make sense to me.

Jesus, have mercy on me, a sinner.

One thought on “On Jesus Healing My Post-Trump Soul

  1. I can only fathom the amazing work God is doing in your heart. I mean this in the most sincere manner. I know how hard it is to see past something which, I personally see all the problems with. Seeing them, and saying “I trust God in this”, and actually doing it, and intentionally looking for his great hand in it, are not the same things. This is a great description of that inner turmoil and triumph found in trusting God’s goodness, when his Sovereignty overwhelms my hopes.

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