Subjectivity is Bad When Technology Reigns

We might even say that in Technopoly precise knowledge is preferred to truthful knowledge but that in any case Technopoly wishes to solve, once and for all, the dilemma of subjectivity. In a culture in which the machine, with its impersonal and endlessly repeatable operations, is a controlling metaphor and considered to be the instrument of progress, subjectivity becomes profoundly unacceptable.

Neil Postman, Technopoly, 158

It’s interesting that he claims that subjectivity becomes profoundly unacceptable. Postman  doesn’t seem to be claiming that we don’t engage in subjectivity. In fact, the opposite may be true in 21st-century America. Rather, it is the truth within subjective claims which become unacceptable. In other words, we don’t like that our claims about truth have no objective backing, so we co-opt scientific language to make it seem like we do. This is a common problem in sociological and psychological claims.

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