A Quick Note

Starting June 14, I’m going to be making cdbaca.org my primary online home again. Apparently June is when I start remembering I’m a human being again and not a commodity to be manipulated by social media and tech companies.

That means I’m off Facebook (hopefully for good). I’m considering leaving Instagram as well. Last time I quit social media, I quit Twitter. That one stuck. Hopefully leaving the ‘Gram and Facebook sticks this time too.

I’m still a believer that:

  1. Social media is bad for humans — both individually and collectively.
  2. Online, we should get as close as possible to owning our own turf.

This means I’m gonna give this whole “online home” thing another shot. If I want to post something, remember images, hoard knowledge, etc. etc. — I’m going to do it here. If you want to interact with me and you don’t have my phone number or email address, reach out here. I watch comments. Let’s connect in a more human way.

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