Friday Funday // 12.07.2012

Friday Funday, but a day late. Anyway, I found some awesome stuff this week on the nets.

The top 3 biggest obstacles evangelicalism faces today are:

1) Self-appointed spokesmen who manage to gain public credibility (as speaking for all evangelicals) and use that influence to exclude evangelicals they consider too “progressive” in their beliefs and interpretations of the Bible.

2) Belief that “evangelicalism” is a closed movement with definite boundaries that have to be patrolled (e.g., “inerrancy”).

3) Perceived dominance of Reformed theology as normative for evangelical faith.

I really have no interest in defending or redefining the words catholic, orthodox or evangelical. I will leave that to many others. But, one word that I do want to keep taking a closer look at is the word Christian. I don’t want to solely take a genealogical look at it, but rather seek to rediscover the original impetus of what the word is “getting at,” and consider its potential use(s) in our current cultural situation.

But we keep it quiet, the mess of the Incarnation, because it’s just not church-y enough and men don’t quite understand and it’s personal, private, there aren’t words for this and it’s a bit too much.

What is needed is a far more root and branch deconstruction of the theological, political, cultural and social narratives that men have fed us for so long; narratives that spring from repressed feelings about women, and explicit oppression of them.

  • N.T. Wright does a video (back in April, but it’s still good) entitled “Look at Jesus.”



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