Friday Funday // 12.14.2012

I had basically zero time to post this week. Well, that’s not true. I technically had time to write. Alas, we had family in town from my graduation on Friday, and my daughter (lovely as she is) decided to not sleep well this week, which led me to not do much if I did have free time. Anyway, I’m planning on returning to normal blogging next week. Here’s some awesome stuff I found on the internet this week!

I ask this question, not in an attempt to extinguish someone’s faith in the Bible or be the cruel child on the playground who insists “Santa isn’t real,” but because I think we miss something vitally important about the biblical text if we so adamantly insist each and every story must be historically and literally true.

How sad, especially when the Bible they claimed to love and follow teaches that perfect love casts out fear. When we love, we reject shame. We do not use fear to control. Shame is impotent to love or help us grow – it is a prison. We must not succumb to the temptation to hide behind a veil, to pretend to be who we are not.

The excess-supplement is always at work in belief.  There is never simply what is consciously known/experienced; there is always an underside that opposes conscious recognition.

  • I somehow had not discovered Macklemore & Ryan Lewis until this week. Legit Seattle-based hip hop. [warning: some explicit language]

Did you find anything awesome this week? Post a link!

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