Friday Funday // 01.09.2013

First Friday Funday of the New Year!

Piper’s theology here still centers the abuser. A woman must merely transfer her obedience to a separate authority – on a temporary basis – in the hopes that her abuser will see the light. But that simply opens the door for abusers to revictimize, as abusers are quite savvy at making it look like they’ve changed while still engaging in abusive behavior.

So, I would like to offer these three responses to my evangelical brothers and sisters: 1) Everyone and everything has problems; 2) We need to properly differentiate between fundamentalism and evangelicalism; and 3) We need to love the Church despite itself.

  • This was a couple of weeks ago, but Brandan Robertson posted an introduction to (what I hope will be) a long-running series on “The Spectrum of Protestantism.” He also posted a follow-up post here.

At the end of the creation of this spectrum, after recieving a lot of input from my friends, I did come to one conclusion: creating a spectrum is a really hard thing to do. But that doesn’t mean it’s not an important thing to do.

  • Darkwood Brew is doing a series on homosexuality and the Church called “For the Love of God.” So far, it’s been beautiful. Part one is below, and here is part two.

Did you find anything interesting on the webs this week? I’m interested, so post a link in the comment section!

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