Friday Funday // 03.01.2013

So, most of these were meant for last week. We had family in town so I didn’t get a chance to post. Anyway, here are my favorite recent things happening!

In this same way, as with Job so with Christ – as Radical Theology would have us understand: we join in the protest against, and vocalise our objections to, ideologies(/idology); be they certainty and satisfaction, from “having” the god we desire; or suggestions of hidden meanings and divine agendas in our experience…

This Socratic concept was an act of grace and humility for me. I began to accept that my worldview was but a speck in the great cosmos. In this I had to admit to myself that maybe, just maybe my understanding of the Bible as I knew it was wrong, or at least notright. My foundation was crumbling, and next I had to ask myself, ‘how then do you view the Bible?’

  • One of the posts from last week’s Atheism for Lent series relates the church to a crack house:

Crack House Church from The Work Of The People on Vimeo.

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