Friday Funday // 03.08.2013

As always, here’s my favorite stuff from the internets this week!

We do not have many vessels for truth-carrying in our age. While of course not being an organised body of thought, atheism might one day speak to all those things religion once answered. But at present its voice is faint. It is faint on human suffering and tragedy. And although it does not have nothing to say, it barely speaks about death. It has little if not nothing to say about human forgiveness, remorse, regret or reconciliation. These are not small ellipses.

  • Micah Murray at the Redemption Pictures blog wrote a post about the dangers of ‘thinking biblically.’

In the early days of the church, its enemies were not liberals, pagans, secularists, or atheists. The antagonists in the New Testament storyline are those who knew the Scriptures inside and out, who had studied and memorized and dedicated themselves to the applications of its teachings.

  • Rob Bell’s new book, What We Talk About When We Talk About God, is coming out on March 12, and I’M SO EXCITED. I might enjoy the more academic side of theology, but Rob Bell is the man:

  • This video, “Wealth Inequality in America,” went viral this week. Pretty crazy.

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