Friday Funday // 03.22.2013

I like Friday Funday because there’s no pressure, really. I find awesome stuff on the internet and bring it to you, dear reader.

  • (This isn’t something from the internet, but a personal thing from my week) I have spent much of the week in the midst of an eco-existential crisis, mostly because of reading Eaarth (no, that’s not a typo) by Bill McKibben. The first half of the book is meant to be a kick-in-the-teeth. McKibben basically makes the case that global warming and climate change are not simply inevitable for the future, but are already happening. There is nothing we can do to stop it. Our only choice now is to learn to adapt to a new environment and prevent more harm than we’ve already caused. For more info on Bill McKibben’s activism, check out


  • Maureen O’Connor from NY Mag wrote a hilarious (and spot-on) article about Netflix Adultery:

Streaming a show is intimate: You watch at your own pace, often on a personal computer calibrated for privacy. Sharing that experience, then, is a small act of interpersonal intimacy. But with every new form of intimacy comes a corollary set of betrayals. Netflix adultery may be among the pettiest of modern deceptions, but it is real. It causes rifts and guilt trips. It causes fights.

We are at the most important moment in this movement’s history – in the midst of two simultaneous tipping points that create the opportunity, if we respond correctly, to win – eliminating net CO2 emissions from the economy and securing a stable climate, though still a changed one.

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