Change of Pace

I used to blog all the time. I remember in high school I blogged at least a few times a week, sometimes more. Then, you know. Life and kids and school and work and faith crises.

I don’t think my love for writing ever left me. I’ve started various journals (one that I have actually kind of, sort of kept up with over the course of the last nearly two years — to be sure, there are long swaths of time missing though), blogs, Twitter account(s), even a Tumblr at one point. I’ve written lots for classes. What I haven’t done is maintained a steady habit of writing, just for me, just to write. I think I felt the need to have an audience, to push my “content” (blah) out so that people could see me and my thoughts and know that I was the kind of person that had important thoughts about important things.

I don’t think I am interested in that anymore. If people read my blog, so be it. If not, I’ll be glad to look back and see that I started keeping track, little by little, again.

All of that to say: there’s a change of pace coming to the blog. I don’t know how often I’ll be posting. Hopefully once a day on the weekdays. It may be just an image or a video a find intriguing and thought-provoking. It may be a quick thought or a longer post. But I’ve got some work to do in my own thought life that I think can only be managed by writing. Good stuff and bad stuff, mediocre stuff and nerdy stuff.

Here we go.

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