The Paradox at the Core of Being

The great mystery in which we have all been invited to take part is the same mystery that existed from the very beginning. It, in itself, is not transcendent (i.e., out of reach) or lofty. No – rather, it is right here, in our midst. We spend our time theorizing, abstracting, and objectifying that reality in order to gain an understanding of it, to attempt gaining a purer knowledge of reality “as it is.” But the mystery of existence – the reality of which we desire to catch a glimpse – is right here, and cannot be objectified!

Kierkegaard says of a mystery like this, “The news of the day is the beginning of eternity!” (Philosophical Crumbs, 128). What he means to say is that that the reality of the incarnation, or God-in-time, is the reality we find in the particulars of our day, the moments that seem so ordinary as to be insignificant. But it is in those very moments of insignificance that we catch a glimpse of the significance of reality. Thus, at the heart of reality, in the very core of the miracle of being itself, we find a paradox.

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