Another Day, Another Shooting

What continues to confound me about this continual, ridiculous process through which we constantly seem to be cycling is not that the shootings are happening — I think we’re past the point of being surprised that people, teenagers, whatever, with access to such destructive weapons will use them against other people.

No, rather, what continues to confound me is that Christians are continuing to support a political party funded (at least in part) by an organization that fights for the right to make such weapons in the first place. Such an organization obviously has no actual regard for the dignity and value of human life — its only concerns are power and profits. Christians that continue to hold on to the idolatry that is the American right to bear arms (and all that we are told is supposed to come with it) are blatantly ignoring the writings of the Gospels and Paul. The very Lord we claim to follow clearly modeled and taught some form of radical nonviolence (see both the Sermon on the Mount and every Gospel’s recounting of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection). Further, Paul’s interpretation of the life and work of Christ is clear: it is foolishness, a scandal, nonsense to the “wise” and “powerful” of the world. And yet, Christ our hope, our victor has laid waste to such powers and principalities. How? By doing the very opposite of what we would do — that is, he made himself nothing, less than nothing, “did not consider equality with God something to be grasped.”

The “thoughts and prayers” Christians offer in these situations will continue to sound like a clanging gong and a noisy cymbal to those who see that the Lord we proclaim is not really our true Lord. Christians, let go of your attempts to grab hold of your rights and power and feeling of security in this world. It is nothing more than what the God-man we claim to follow did.

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