A Better Story about Climate

If our story is “We’re screwed,” it just absolutely destroys imagination, innovation, creativity.

Some wheels are spinning for me on this problem. After the IPCC report issued last week, I (like many others) found myself despondent and terrified. However, I think I’m realizing something, spurred on by the thought of Kierkegaard, N.T. Wright, Paul Hawken (above), and many others. We need better narratives. We need a better story — a better story about what kind of creatures humans are, what God is like and what God is doing with the world, what it means to be a conservative, what takes to participate in God’s good work all around us.

What we don’t need right now is negative apocalyptic narratives. We don’t need a “strongman” to save us. We don’t need big, giant, technological solutions to this problem.

We need a better vision of the world. And I want to work on that. More to come.

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