Test Day

I love test days when I’m teaching.

Granted, I really love every day that I’m teaching. I have had several people ask me over the course of this semester how teaching this philosophy class has been going. My answer, every time: I absolutely love it. Since the moment I stepped into the classroom to teach, I realized that teaching is something I seem to have been “built” for. I was never taught how to teach. I’ve spent most of my time observing how others teach, either in high school, undergrad, or graduate settings.

People teach so differently in so many different situations, and I find that I’m wary of prescribed methods of pedagogy (although I’m sure I could do with some more formal pedagogical training). It’s been so great to just throw stuff against the wall and see what sticks. There are tougher days, when it’s like pulling teeth to get students to engage. There are amazing days when we talk about something I didn’t even plan on. And there are days when teaching the students is actually a method of teaching myself.

But today? Today is a test day. Which is glorious on its own, because (1) I had little prep work, and (2) I’ll get to see the fruit of our labor over the last four weeks (we’ve been discussing philosophy of religion, faith and rationality, and the problem of evil).

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