On No Social Media

I gave up nearly all social media quite a while ago. I couldn’t even tell you when it was, exactly, because I started having my tweets deleted automatically after a week while I was still using the service.

Still, sometime in the last year, I have:

  • Completely deleted Facebook. (Which is really hard, by the way.)
  • Given up access to Twitter. (My wife knows my password, so I can’t login.)
  • Rarely logged in to Instagram. (Although that may be going soon too, after seeing the American Meme documentary on Netflix.)

It has been demonstrably good for my soul. I don’t have hard evidence of this, but I do know that I feel different. After finishing my thesis, I was able to spend my time relaxing with my kids over the holidays, reading several books (purely in a leisurely way — I read both Loeb/Sale Batman anthologies, and I’m currently in the middle of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to give my brain a rest from philosophy), and playing games with Elaine. It’s been really great. My screen time is down on my phone, and I’ve even decided to delete my Outlook app from my phone for work purposes. Reddit still sucks me in every once in a while, but it’s nothing like what Twitter used to do to me.

And I must say, as we head into a new election cycle (*gag*), I’m happy to say that my source of news won’t be the endless Twitter stream. I’ll probably be off of Reddit by then too, which will give me the chance to try to only get my news from diverse, reputable news sources. I’m thankful that I’ve started this process now. I wouldn’t call myself a digital minimalist, per se, but I’m happy that my digital choices feel a lot more like mine, and not like they’re being made for me.

If you have the guts to take the leap, even from one of the social media sites you use — just take it. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

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