Don’t Be Ashamed of the Elementary

I have always thought that I couldn’t draw. The reality is, my drawing abilities have never really extended far past stick figures and smiley faces.

But a few months ago, my mother in law left a kids’ sketchbook at our house. It’s called Drawing Animals Shape by Shape, and it’s literally for ages 4+. Out of sheer curiosity, I found myself flipping through the book and thinking I might be able to draw some of these characters, despite my literally non-existent sketching skills.

Surprisingly, I found that with a little help, I can draw!

That’s a pup, drawn by yours truly. The book wanted to call him Sparky. I like Chester better.

This all made me think of a recent post by Austin Kleon: “Want Quick Knowledge? Visit the Children’s Section.” Sometimes, we take ourselves too seriously. We want to jump in the master’s level class because we think that we’re too old or too mature for learning the basics. But if we never mastered the basics in the first place, it might just be better to start at the beginning.


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