“Just Write”

“Just write.”

It’s the perennial advice given to people like me — those who have rose-colored glasses on about what it means to “be a writer.” Just sit down and write until something, anything comes out. But see, here’s what bothers me about that advice: what am I supposed to write if I don’t feel like I have anything to write about?

You know what I write about? Advice about writing. Because today, I don’t feel like I have anything. And here I am, writing about writing.

As a side note, I will say that Austin Kleon’s blog helps me feel less like a fraud in these situations. His blog is filled with quick posts that likely took him less than five minutes to write. His goal seems to be to just get something out there, even if it’s nothing. It’s encouraging, because he doesn’t seem to care about what other people may think about the post, or whether it’s too personal or too weird. It’s his blog, and he makes it what he wants it to be, others’ expectations be damned.

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