More on Chris Arnade

From a review on Arnade’s new book at Mere Orthodoxy:

There is a beast in each of us and that is true of both the front and the back row. And yet the failings of individual people are not the entire story. What Arnade sees is that the way in which modern American works, the way in which success is judged by both sides of the political aisle, is disconnected from the actual conditions of communal health.

Indeed, that is a large part of what set Arnade on his path in the first place: He saw where his way of life had gotten him and where it had taken the nation and he was tired of it. The feeling he describes in the book’s opening pages is the sickness unto death that so many Christians know so well—not only the recognition of their own sin, but the recognition of how radically they must change their life in order to be free of sin.

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