Protect. Restore. Fund.

In relation to my last post (“Long, Slow Work“), I came across this video today from Greta Thunberg and a scientist named George Monbiot. Thunberg is slowly becoming my hero because of her dedication to climate activism and her willingness to not simply take politicians’ word for it that they are doing what needs to be done.

Here, she provides what is a simple, though difficult, solution to our climate crisis. We must protect the native environments that we already have, restore the ones that we have lost, and fund natural climate solutions. Much is said of carbon capture and sequestration as a technological solution to the problem we face. It may be that we need to do that, but nature already has built-in mechanisms, and is built to do the exact thing we need it to do. Monbiot explains further here:

I wasn’t able to attend any climate strikes on the 20th (I really wanted to), but I am very interested in these kinds of solutions, and they give me faith that we can do something about this problem. It may only mitigate the damage we have done, but my hope is that we can actively come together to work on solutions that normal people can do in their local communities.

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