All has been quiet here lately, and for good reason.

I miss writing. I miss working through abstract problems via language to try and figure out what they might mean to me, or might mean universally.

But the fact is, I’m just enjoying life right now. That’s not to say there haven’t been difficulties, setbacks, frustrations, and tears. My work, however, has consisted of so many disparate things that it’s hard to sit down with intention and write.

So this post is nothing more than to remind myself that I want to write. And even though I don’t necessarily have the time for that right now, it’s ok. Lately, instead, I’ve been doing the following:

  • Listening to a ton of good hip-hop and podcasts.
    • Be by Common
    • The evergreen To Pimp a Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar
    • The newest season of Dissect on DAMN by Kendrick Lamar
    • Slow Burn, season 3 — which covers the Biggie/Tupac story in a 10-episode season
  • Working at Life in Deep Ellum, which I love more than I could express.
    • I preached on my January 26 while Joel was out of town. A lot can be said about this, but it was a meaningful moment to me.
    • Learning what it means to be “in the trenches” of faith community and cultural work. Some of it is mundane. Some of it is sweaty. But all of it is good, because I can see and feel a purpose to my work. To be frank, this was something missing from my work at SAGU, because I simply lost faith in the mission of what the university was doing.
  • Working with Elaine’s photography business, and supporting her as much as I can, including building out a new website that is almost done.
  • Homeschooling the kids, which is both delightful and maddening. Some days, it’s great, and I can appreciate the beauty of getting so much time with the kiddos. Other days, it’s incredibly frustrating as only raising children can be.
  • Reading a ton! I finished five books in January, and my goal is 60 for the year. Elaine’s gift to me for my thirtieth birthday was thirty books from my closest friends. A beautiful surprise that I still am getting so much joy from.

Maybe soon I’ll come back to writing here. I certainly feel like I have a lot to say. But now is just, quite simply, not the time.

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