Now, for Something New

Just a reminder that if you’re anything like me, you no longer need to be drawn to the bright orange flame that is DJT.

I have a lot of hopes for the new administration — not least of which is what I hope will be a focus on legitimate and decisive environmental action. But that’s not where my real hope is.

My real hope is that my attention is no longer taken up as much with thoughts about politics. I will grant that it should have been this way all along. That the focus of my work and my life should not be drawn in to political battles I have no hope of winning, to nonsense and abrasive language spewed by people I have no control over. But DJT and his ilk are a black hole. They have done a VERY GOOD job of making the conversation about them, and turning the country’s attention onto their every move. In many ways, this isn’t surprising. He came from reality TV, and so he did what he knew how to do best. He turned our entire country, for the last four years, into a reality TV show.

In a gross way, this past week was the season finale. There was a final battle, emotional ups and downs, and a win by the old, vanilla guy who shouldn’t have really won.

What I really want, what I really hope for: an opportunity for my attention to not be taken up by things I cannot control. To be able trust those in leadership, and do the hard, local work that I am called to do. Perhaps that will be made just a little bit easier with the new administration. May it be so.

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