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Eat – Tobe Nwigwe

If it’s a issue pack a pistol

Keep it tightly tucked

Cause they’ll try to early dismiss you

On ya nightly run

Or ya daily run

Either way it’s tragedy

Please don’t try to take my life

That’s a catastrophe

On my soul ain’t no hoe in my anatomy

And I put that on everything like Tony Chachere’s

If Kendrick doesn’t release soon, Tobe might just displace him. Watch ya back K-Dot.

Your Coffee is a Disaster (…among other things)

This is just 17 minutes of absolute delight.


Also, I’m so glad that they chose the my top three songs from this album to perform. So fun. So whimsical. “Waltz Whitman” almost makes me cry every time I listen to it.

Anderson .Paak

I’ve been a little bit into Anderson .Paak ever since I saw his NPR Tiny Desk Concert:

I just love how funky the whole set was, and that he brought a full on drumset into the tiny desk area.

Recently, I also downloaded his interview with Marc Maron on the WTF podcast. Two things struck me in the interview:

  1. First, he came across like he was just having such a freaking good time. Like he is constantly thinking “I can’t believe I get to do this!” He seems extremely happy, chill, and just excited to be making music and interacting with the people he’s interacting with.
  2. Second, I found out he got his start playing music at church! I wonder how many artists that have sort of made it big got their start in the local church. I think the church often functions as a sort of egalitarian musical landscape. If you’ve got even a little bit of chops, and you want to give it a shot, then come on. In a lot of these environments, there seems to be the idea that if you’re interested in being here and using what you’ve got, we want to have you.

And then, of course, the interview turned me on to some of .Paak’s older stuff. The gem I’m currently listening to now is his Cover Art album with the Hellfyre Club band. You can listen to the whole cover mixtape here. Notable songs so far: “Such Great Heights” (originally by The Postal Service) and “Seven Nation Army” (originally by The White Stripes).

It’s really cool to see an artist doing what he loves and loving what he’s doing.

Robohands – Green

When you find music you didn’t know you were looking for:

Top Music of 2018

I love keeping track of my music favorites at the end of another year. It’s fun to look back on previous years and see what I was interested in, and be reminded of music that I might not have listened to in a while. In any case, here’s this year’s list.

Favorite Albums

  • By far, my favorite (and most listened-to) album of the year was All Ashore by Punch Brothers. Elaine and I had the pleasure of seeing them in concert, and it was pretty unreal.

Image result for all ashore punch brothers

My favorite track is from the album is the title track:

  • Swimming by Mac Miller crept up on me in the last month or so. I love its funk/R&B/hip-hop vibe. As my brother likes to say, rest in paradise MM.

Image result for swimming mac miller

This NPR Tiny Desk of his was what got me started on him:

  • The Black Panther soundtrack (produced by Kendrick Lamar) was another favorite — particularly the pairing of “Bloody Water” with Anderson .Paak and “King’s Dead.” “Big Shot” was another great song off the album. I almost never like movie soundtracks, but this was a surprise.

Image result for Black Panther soundtrack

  • See You Around by I’m with Her was a big winner, especially “Overland”

Image result for see you around i'm with her

  • Another soundtrack: A Star is Born by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Probably also my favorite movie of the year.

Image result for a star is born soundtrack

  • Good Thing by Leon Bridges, especially “Shy” and “Georgia to Texas.” I just picked this up on vinyl, and it sounds even better this way than it does anywhere else.

Image result for leon bridges good thing

Favorite Songs

One of the things I like to do is remember songs (not necessarily off of my favorite albums). My favorite songs of the year:

  • “This is America” by Childish Gambino
  • “It’s Strange” by Louis the Child ft. K. Flay
  • “Home” by Resonance
  • “New Light” by John Mayer
  • “The Man Who Has Everything” by Chance the Rapper. (Normally, I’d say the whole EP, but I wasn’t as impressed by the full effort. This song, however, captures the full Chance the Rapper slow-rap vibe that I love.)
  • This was also the year that my YouTube musical listening got even weirder — I’ve moved from chillstep/chillhop for focusing to something called “vaporwave” weird and retro-futuristic, but I dig it. Here’s a sample:

Happy to Oblige

Leave it to Paul Meany to capture exactly what it feels like to have been married and have children so young, and still be confident that we’ll make it through in the end.

I was just a kid when I first laid eyes on you
I told myself we’d marry by the time I’m 22
I didn’t have a dollar to my name when I proposed
Will you say yes? One can hope
Folks said we’re crazy
We figured they were wrong
If nothing last forever, we’d vow to carry on
Whoever disagreed, we’d just write them off as old
We didn’t care when we were told

In this life, there’s no easy come or easy go
On this drive, there’s no such thing as cruise control
We may ride upon a sea of highs and lows
But by your side, I’m happy to oblige
By your side, I’m happy to oblige

It’s no surprise we were always in over our heads
The only peaceful moments were when we got the kids to bed
We’re both working nonstop to keep us all afloat
In the fire, we came to know

In this life, there’s no easy come or easy go
On this drive, there’s no such thing as cruise control
We may ride upon a sea of highs and lows
But by your side, I’m happy to oblige

A Voice in the Silence

Basically, Paul Meany just said, “If you guys won’t come with me, I’ll just do it myself.”

Here Comes Jumbo

Here comes Jumbo
American as gumbo
Skin white as new corn liquor hair black as molasses rum, though
He ain’t dumb, no
You elitist bums, go
Get yourselves off of Capitol Hill
‘Cause we’ve just about had our fill
Of y’all playing Columbo

This is the kind of political commentary in art that I want to hear. Subtle, clever, and no one’s gonna get it unless they’re listening intently.

Everything’s New

Everything, everywhere, everything

Is all something new

Is all something new

The Mother We Share

I loved this song from CHVRCHES’ first album, but this version is incredible: