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Happy to Oblige

Leave it to Paul Meany to capture exactly what it feels like to have been married and have children so young, and still be confident that we’ll make it through in the end.

I was just a kid when I first laid eyes on you
I told myself we’d marry by the time I’m 22
I didn’t have a dollar to my name when I proposed
Will you say yes? One can hope
Folks said we’re crazy
We figured they were wrong
If nothing last forever, we’d vow to carry on
Whoever disagreed, we’d just write them off as old
We didn’t care when we were told

In this life, there’s no easy come or easy go
On this drive, there’s no such thing as cruise control
We may ride upon a sea of highs and lows
But by your side, I’m happy to oblige
By your side, I’m happy to oblige

It’s no surprise we were always in over our heads
The only peaceful moments were when we got the kids to bed
We’re both working nonstop to keep us all afloat
In the fire, we came to know

In this life, there’s no easy come or easy go
On this drive, there’s no such thing as cruise control
We may ride upon a sea of highs and lows
But by your side, I’m happy to oblige

A Voice in the Silence

Basically, Paul Meany just said, “If you guys won’t come with me, I’ll just do it myself.”

Everything’s New

Everything, everywhere, everything

Is all something new

Is all something new

Top Music of 2017

Top Albums

  1. DAMN. by Kendrick Lamar – One of my favorite things I discovered about this album was that Kendrick meant for it to be played both forward and backward(further proven by the release today of DAMN. COLLECTORS EDITION., which is simply the album in reverse order — hint: it’s better backward). The story it tells each way is different, and he is a master storyteller through hip-hop. My favorites on this album constantly changed, but it was always based on my intense listening to a song I hadn’t previously, and hearing the intricacy of the narrative Kendrick is weaving. Top three right now: “DUCKWORTH.,” “GOD.,” and “ELEMENT.”C9H8-PWUIAAzbQ2-jpg-large-e
  2. Play Dead by Mutemath – Unfortunately, this album is a little marred for me by the loss of both Roy Mitchell-Cardenas and Darren King. The current Mutemath band only includes one original member (Paul Meany). While I love Paul Meany and Todd Gummerman, I’m not sure that any future Mutemath albums will hold the same significance for me as their five albums they produced with at least three original band members. Anyway, Play Dead showcases some of Mutemath’s best soundscapes. My favorite tracks included “Break the Fever,” “Everything’s New,” and “Achilles Heel,” all for different reasons. I love the shift they made since Vitals to heavy synthesizers, and I love the Darren King’s percussion was out in the open. mutemath
  3. The Search for Everything by John Mayer – This album had to grow on me a little bit. I was worried when I heard the songs released in “waves” that the music was a little too sweet and poppy. First, he had some great blues-inspired tracks like “Helpless,” but even his actual pop songs (“Still Feel Like Your Man” and “Moving On and Getting Over”) were winners. His place as a blues-guitar master was also solidified for me, as I finally got to see him live with Elaine back in August. Mutemath still holds as my favorite concert (five times over), but John Mayer’s show was an amazing production. (And this dude can seriously shred up a guitar.) a64eea0c361b6b02f4b7423adf80bb6e.1000x992x1
  4. Melodrama by Lorde – I’ve been waiting for this album since 2012 when Pure Heroine came out. She kind of came out of nowhere back then, but the minimalist pop of that album was incredible and unique. The direction of Melodrama‘s pop took a different direction – its sounds were fuller and more developed, but she maintained some of her minimalism in interesting ways (“Hard Feelings/Loveless”). I listened to the top half of the album far more than the bottom. “Homemade Dynamite” and “The Louvre” were big favorites. 17077435_215844885557762_2076647443876806656_n

Top Miscellaneous

  1. This was the year I discovered Lofi Hip-Hop. Honestly, it’s kind of a weird subgenre that I discovered on YouTube while trying to find music I could listen to while researching and writing that wouldn’t distract me. This was a big win for me. There is a ton out there, but this was a common channel I used: 
  2. “If We Were Vampires” by Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit – Good Lord. Don’t listen intently to this song unless you are ready to cry. What an amazing way to capture the ephemeral nature of life and love.
  3. “Your Water” by Parker Millsap & Sarah Jarosz in the Luck Mansion Sessions: 
  4. “Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright” by Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau – I love the combination of jazz piano to Thile’s mandolin genius. Also, apparently this is a Bob Dylan cover?
  5. Chance the Rapper, in two different performances. Need I say more?:  

Here’s a Spotify playlist of some of my favorite songs this year:


Music and the End of the Year

I always love looking back on my music-listening at the end of the year. I use Spotify frequently, and for the last two years, it has provided me with a list of my most-listened-to songs. They also added a few other features by letting me see my top artists, amount of listening minutes, and so on.

While I wasn’t completely surprised by my list of top artists, there were a few things that caught me off guard. The primary one? Yo-Yo Ma was my top played artist of the year. He beat out Kendrick Lamar, Chris Thile, Lorde, and Mutemath. I couldn’t help but wonder how that could possibly be — I don’t remember listening to Yo-Yo Ma quite as much as I listened to the other artists. And then I realized that a large portion of my listening in the spring and summer revolved around non-lyrical music. I was doing a ton of reading and writing for a couple of my classes, and needed music in the background that wouldn’t distract me. Thus the Bach: Cello Suites album by Yo-Yo Ma took up a bunch of my listening time. This little bit of data analysis helped me to remember a significant part of my year (listening to Bach coupled with research) that was buried in memory.

Another thing I love about the end of the year lists is listening to those top 100 songs on shuffle. It’s a little jarring as it jumps from “DUCKWORTH” by Kendrick Lamar to “Still Feel Like Your Man” by John Mayer. But something about it feels right. I have always loved the eclecticism of my music tastes — on any given day I’ll listen to a bluegrass album, a hip-hop album, and a pop album. The shock of jumps between these genres in the space of a few minutes reminds me of the diversity of music I enjoy.

Mutemath // Allies

Every war you wanna win, there’s nothin’ to defend, nothin’ to surrender.

Mutemath – “Allies”

Mutemath // Blood Pressure



Why can’t you…. do a little more for Jesus?

Mutemath – “Blood Pressure”

Mutemath // Odd Soul

I’m an Odd Soul.

Mutemath // Armistice

This is ridiculous. Especially the breakdown in the last two minutes of the video.

Mutemath // Typical (Acoustic)

I wasn’t exactly sure what to do for my first post on this tumblr thang. So, I figured I’d go with what I know best.

Best band ever. If you don’t know it, you should.

Also, Darren King is playing the cajon before it was cool. Baller.